A Healthy Relationship

Perşembe, Mart 12, 2015

*I must be able to communicate fully as trust then follows since there is nothing that you are holding in or hiding. Everyone has insecurities. My partner should not judge me for that. My partner should make me feel comfortable about sharing those insecurities. That open communication enables us to talk openly and that’s how a person can move past those insecurities.

*I appreciate someone who is honest with how they feel. If I like someone, I’m not going to stop liking him because they are showing that they are into me. Of course, they need to have their own lives and I cannot be the centre of their universe. I don’t like it when men are aloof.

*You have to be aware of what makes your partner feel loved and appreciated. If you ignore that and get lazy then it goes downhill. The honeymoon phase doesn’t last forever. You have to make an effort to keep that spark going in different ways.

*Be confident in you. Know that you are a catch. Don’t let guys manipulate you, try to change you or break you down. Don’t lose sight of your self worth for anyone. Do things for yourself. Love yourself. Be you. Love your life first and foremost. The people who are meant to fall into that will come.

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