We Lose Each Other

Perşembe, Mart 06, 2014

People have a tendency to lose each other.

We don't make much effort to keep the others in our lives. We are so busy with ourselves that we don't leave any space to others in our minds or hearts. When we see a "could-be" person, we directly walk away from him. Just because of the fear of they can have a place in our lives or they can pass through our thoughts or maybe we'll be giving them a piece of us. We are all selfish. We are all full of ourselves. We are seeking for love but indeed all we are looking for is solidarity. We look for peace in our souls, in our minds, in our lives and we are aware that it is comes with solidarity. We make ourselves believe that there is a thing called love in the world. No, there isn't. There is only the feeling that getting bored with solidarity and looking for someone to share this boredom in a peaceful way. Then we name it love.

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